Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to get out there and enjoy all the outdoor experiences that the Pocono Mountains has to offer. While searching for a Pocono mountain rental, it's important to make sure you're centrally located. Luckily for you,  Grand Leisure Travel vacation rentals are specifically located within a short proximity to the most exhilarating Spring activities. 

Clover's Travels & Adventures

Clover's Travels & Adventures

A few months ago, my 10 year-old pup, Clover, (commonly referred to as my better half) was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure (CKF). Based on her blood work, our vet was not confident she would make it past 2018.

With our tails between our legs, Clover and I knew we'd have to make some major changes in order to keep her doggin' around for a lot longer than just one year...

In addition to changing her diet & receiving IV fluid treatment, we thought there would be no better medicine than TRAVEL! Clover's a lover of all things, but especially the outdoors. Together, we knew a weekend in the woods would do us some good.

Just a little over an hour from home, Clover and I trekked up to none other than the Pocono Mountains for one of the best weekends of our lives. 

4 Reasons Why Our Rentals May Not Be A Good Fit For You

As a luxury vacation home rental company, we receive thousands upon thousands of inquiries from all types of people seeking to rent our homes. Through talking to potential renters from the time of their inquiry up until the time of booking, our sales team is responsible for deciding if our home is a good fit for certain renters and if these renters are guests we would like to share our home with.

Before deciding to rent to just anyone, we go through a number of steps to ensure we are booking the right home to the right people. It's not a secret that our homes aren't for everyone. 

Rule 1: Despite any number of parent signatures, we are unable to allow renters under the age of 18 in our homes. While we do accept prom reservations, we ask that all guests provide photo ID to ensure they are of age and are legally able to be in our home.

Rule 2: Yes, we do allow small get-togethers. However, if your group is looking to throw a huge blowout 21st birthday party or a barbecue that includes having a DJ present, our home is probably not for you. Most of our homes are located in residential communities that are home to people all year round. It is important that we respect our neighbors and keep the peace. Additionally, we are constantly renting our homes. Most homes book 2-3 per times per month. Therefore, if major damages occur, it could put other renters at risk for having their reservation cancelled.

Rule 3: Even though we have a few homes that sit on acres and acres of land, we do not permit the use of fireworks. If your group likes to have huge bonfires and set off fireworks, our home is not for you. Once fined, firework usage can cost renters up to $1,000.

Rule 4: Our age policy is strict- if you do not have someone over the age of 25 to sign for your rental, we cannot rent our home to you. Persons under 25 renting our homes are often huge liabilities and risks we are hesitant to take

Video Review - Tim @ Crystal Ship, Colonial Home in Tannersville (Must Watch)

Video Review - Tim @ Crystal Ship, Colonial Home in Tannersville (Must Watch)

Tim and his friends and family go on trips 4 times a year and ever since finding Grand Leisure Travel, they stay with us at the Crystal Ship Colonial Home in Tannersville, PA. Poconos. Glad he chose us to stay with on his events and we are glad to provide an amazing place for them to enjoy.

GLT Video Review with Mark and his family at Paradise on Hurricane Creek

GLT Video Review with Mark and his family at Paradise on Hurricane Creek

Mark and his family stayed at the Paradise on Hurricane Creek. One of our coolest Pocono Vacation Rentals. They were able to enjoy the fire-pit and the seclusion of this property to be able to spend time with their families. 

Book your stay at this amazing water front home today: www.grandleisuretravel.com or call 718.303.0448

Video Tour - Crystal Ship on BlueBerry Hill - Tannersville

Video Tour - Crystal Ship on BlueBerry Hill - Tannersville

Our 7 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home features a pool table and outdoor fire pit!

Six bedrooms include a queen size bed while the seventh bedroom has two queens. 

This home is located in close proximity to Camelback Mountain. It's one of the largest homes we have in the Poconos. We hope you enjoy this in-depth videotour. 

Book your stay today at www.grandleisuretravel.com or call us at 718-303-0448.

Extend Your Stay With Grand Leisure Travel!

Among offering short term accommodation in the Poconos, Grand Leisure Travel has an array of options for guests who want to stay for more than just the two-night minimum. Some of our rentals, like the Bushkill Creek Lodge, the Woodland Retreat, the Summit Lodge and the Skytop, have housed guests for more than 2 weeks at a time! Just this past month, the Shawnee Vacation Home had a small family of three stay for a full month- enjoying the holidays and skiing the slopes while not spending a fortune on jacked up Poconos suites. This past summer, newlyweds enjoyed the secluded privacy and gorgeous waterfall located just behind our Lodge on Moonlight Drive. 

Short term rentals in the Poconos are what you make them. Bachelor party? Come on down for a night. Honeymoon? Stay for a week! Grand Leisure is here to make your family vacation in the Poconos one to remember so come and relax- we'll be here and the Poconos Retreat will wait for your call. 

Chong's Video Review from Beach Resort

Chong's Video Review from Beach Resort

Chong stayed at the Beach Resort this weekend and invited us to do a quick video review. The previous guests took a little metallic duck with them from the living room, but that did not affect Chong's stay. Their group really enjoyed the beautiful kitchen, the hot tub, and the grill. We enjoyed having them in the Pocono's. The winter is just starting up and we love guests like Chong at Grand Leisure Travel!

Why take a vacation home?

Imagine living between the magical Pocono mountains, or enjoying honeymoon in Maryland surrounded by the mesmerising blue waters or prom night at a bay-side in Delaware. How wonderful would it be to sleep on the top of mountains with the world at your feet, to wake up and breathe the fresh air of the mountains, or wake up with thecreek at your doorstep or sound of beach waves from your window!


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could fulfill this fantasy?


But with the hefty hotel room prices, expensive food and other travel cost, it is never possible to just enjoy these simple nature’s gift. We have to always plan to visit nearby places by cramming so many things in our schedule, take smaller rooms to reduce stay costs and carry food. The sentence in itself sounds tiring.


But, we at Grand Leisure Travel have a found a way to make your dream come true. We offer rental residences which have all the amenities and luxuries to turn your dream into a reality. You not only get a chance to live surrounded by nature’s gift but you can also swimming in the pools, relax in the hot tubs, enjoy a gaming room with your siblings and create memories to last a lifetime.

Vacations are not tiring

All of us have heard or spoken this phrase, time and again, from/to our friends, co-workers or relatives. We plan a vacation to help us relax from our routine tiring lives and explore places we wish to visit, but when we come back we are more tired than ever.


According to various studies and surveys conducted by a leading universities and doctors, more than 60% of the vacationers felt more tired when they returned home than when they left.


The term ‘Vacation’ means the act of taking a leisure break to visit exciting places and return home rejuvenated and happy. But, like a lot of things, our lack of knowledge, has resulted in insulting the meaning of vacation.


According to the studies conducted, the main reason for vacations being tiring is the nature of the trip itself. Before the trip, we, especially women, plan what to pack and spend a large amount of time rushing to make sure nothing is forgotten. To take the trip, we stay at work till late and at home, to ensure everything will run smoothly in our absence. In our vacation, we stay at hotels with unfamiliar environments, which affects our mental peace and sleeping patterns. The food at such trips is always eaten out, resulting in stomach disturbances and no-satisfaction. To take the maximum advantage of the trip at the minimum cost, we book cheaper hotels, which may increase our conveyance time, then wake up earlier than usual, sleep later than usual - all of these results in lack of sleep.


Due to our past experiences and what we see around, we have accepted that vacations are always supposed to be tiring. We, at Grand Leisure Travel, ask for a chance to prove you wrong.


Picture this, the grand happy fresh return post-vacation-

Paradise Places To Chase The Warm Weather This Fall...

Fall is a time comes with fresh air and brilliant hues move travelers to grasp the outside. Cooler climate makes it a perfect time to get out or street trek to respect the fall foliage. What's more, Pocono Mountain is one of the main fall destination that rings a bell, with its beautiful memorable Lodges and moving slopes covered in red and yellow takes off.

By booking an excursion rental in October, you could save upto 44% over summer rates—and get a tan all the while.

1. The Waterfront