Yelp Review #16: Thank you, Marsha!

This is the perfect vacation rental for a large group. I rented the Bushkill lodge for my husband birthday. The house is huge, it had more than enough space for my family. My teenagers had fun sleep on the bunks which was really cool and looked just like little forts in the ceiling. The women loved the hot tub which is outside with view of the huge creek behind the house. The house was clean, the bathrooms were clean. We had no problems what so ever. The manager of the house responds to messages and answer questions almost immediately. The indoor pool is not heated if the pool was warmer the house would of been just perfect. I recommend this place if you have a large group, it's a beautiful cabin and I will rent from Grand Leisure again.

Yelp Review #15: Love to Hear You Lie, Sam!

Yelp Review #15: Love to Hear You Lie, Sam!

As a service company, we love knowing that people who stayed with us had a good time. We want them to come back and in an effort to make sure guests are happy, we follow up with them to make sure they had a good time. If anything was wrong with their stay we want to know so we can improve our homes and their amenities.

Naturally, we expect our guests to review our service HONESTLY and provide feedback so we can improve ourselves. However, something went terribly wrong with Sam….

Review #14 Hidden by Yelp because we DO NOT PAY YELP TO ADVERTISE!

I rented the moonlight creek lodge with my new husband and at the end of March and had my whole wedding party here along with family and friends. The owner was very accommodating and hospitable. We loved the property and was able to fit our whole family in the cabin very comfortably. It was so relaxing and we had so much fun. We will definitely be returning our business to Grand Leisure Travel!! The rooms were very clean and comfortable. I was even permitted to bring my Bulldog along. The hot tub was amazing!

Review #13 on Yelp! Tonya and her family stayed with us and really loved it!

Thank you to Grand Leisure Travel for a great stay !! Initially we had to cancel our original vacation date due to my husband illness Kenny and Val were super accommodating with rescheduling our dates and actually sent texts of concern and well wishes .On the day we arrived at the cabin we were pleasantly greeted by Val who gave us a personal run of the house , the house was very clean and nicely set up with extra towels and blankets , the house comfortably accommodated my family of 12 the large dining room was perfect for our breakfast and dinners together ,the pool table and game table was conveniently located in the living room and added to the family fun .. This was my first time renting with Grand Leisure Travel and it was such a great experience Kenny was in constant communication with me making sure all our needs were met !! Thank you again Grand Leisure Travel for awesome vacation !! Also the welcome bottle of wine added a really nice touch....

T. Dawkins and Family


3/27/2019  Thank you Tonya for this awesome review! Really appreciate it, too bad Yelp will hide it because we don't pay them for any advertising. (That's what they do) Hope to see you back soon.

Review #12 on Yelp! Richard stayed in The Waterfront - Too Bad Yelp will Hide this Review "Not Recommended"

Had a great weekend skiing Camelback with friends. Members of our party that didn't want to ski had a great time in the house cooking, playing pool and ping-pong and enjoyed the hot tub.

Great spot for a group wanting the cabin AND mountain experience.

Thanks Val!

Review #11! Hidden by Yelp! - We Love Keturah! We Hate Yelp for Hiding our True Reviews!!!

(Keturah Birt)I was very pleased with Grand Leisure Travel. Val was very pleasant he greeted me once I arrived at the house on time . All 7 couples was very happy! Everything in the house was working nothing outta place, hot tub, heat, TV, ect..... the list goes on!!!!! I will recommend Grand Leisure Travel to anyone very professional hands down!!!!!  Thank again you're be seeing us twice a year......  I can't forget the house was really nice.......

5 Star Reviews #9 and #10 on Yelp, that Yelp later tagged "Not Recommended"

5 Star Reviews #9 and #10 on Yelp, that Yelp later tagged "Not Recommended"

Below you will see Reviews #9 and #10 of past guests that have posted on Yelp, that Yelp later tagged “Not Recommended.” Let’s see if you agree that anything in these reviews qualifies as “Not Recommened.”

Remember, it’s important to remember that Yelp will NOT post our good reviews on top because we don’t pay them for their useless advertising, for more information on this please read the page below where we outline why “exactly” that is so!

8th Yelp Review Marked as "Not Recommened" by Maria

We had a great experience from start to finish with the company. The home was very clean and decorated very nicely. We had plenty of room and seating for everyone. They accommodated us every step of the way. Also their customer service was excellent.
We had a few issues with our rental (nothing serious) but they responded quickly and kept us advised as to the progress of our rental issues.
I would definitely use this rental agency again. - Maria

Congratulations to GLT for adding another page of Not Recommended Reviews on Yelp

Don’t worry, since we know Yelp will never show them to you since we don’t pay them for any advertising we have created a two links for easy access to our Pocono Cabin Rentals and Vacation House website:

Page 2 on Yelp: This is where our 5 star reviews begin.

Page 9 on Yelp: This is where our 5 star reviews end.

Yet, Yelp is only showing some few negative ones to get us to advertise with them, we will NEVER DO THAT!

5th Review Hidden by Yelps Ridiculous Filter!

Grand Leisure was such a great experience and I would definitely do it again! They were so helpful and made sure myself and my group were fully satisfied! I rented a house for the weekend in December for my birthday and had the best time ever! Everything is really close even though we barely wanted to leave the house! 
From booking my stay to even after we left Grand Leisure provided excellent customer service. All my friends are itching to go back. 
Thanks again Grand Leisure!

2nd Hidden Review by Yelp Extortionists!

2nd Hidden Review by Yelp Extortionists!

If you have been following our Yelp Trolling Blog here is another one installment. Yet another great review by one of our guests a few weekends ago! Too bad Yelp will hide this review and call it Not Recommended Shortly!

Yelp has hidden all of our good reviews and intends on making our business look worse than it really is by posting only the bad review in the first few pages, and only using those negative reviews to give us 1.5 stars.

Guess what, we know what you are doing Yelp! We will NOT PAY YOU ANY ADVERTISING DOLLARS TO EXTORT US! We know that we have thousands of guests that love us and keep coming back, and it’s not because of our Yelp page. Its because of the great experience they have with us hosting them in the Pocono Cabins and Vacation Homes we have. We have tons of great reviews on Homeaway, VRBO, Airbnb and Tripadvisor and we DONT CARE ABOUT YELP!

We believe that in a few days after this post is published that Yelp will hid this review, but we wanted to highlight it before they do so guests can actually see what a great job we do hosting.

Hidden Reviews by Yelp! - Acevedo Family

Hidden Reviews by Yelp! - Acevedo Family

Remember the Acevedo Family? They wrote those 2 great reviews on Yelp and we showed them on our page Blog? Well guess what, the As****es at Yelp hid them and made them “Not Recommended.”

Dear Juan, we apologize that you wasted your time on the Yelp site, uploading pictures, describing your good experience in our house, but Yelp doesnt care! Yelp only cares that we don’t pay them for advertising with their terrible site. Don’t worry, you are not the only one, there are Pages 3-8 on our Yelp page where people are in the same boat as you. Thanks for trying and we hope to see you soon! Hate Yelp!

You can read the Acevedo Reviews Here on our Main Blog Page and here is their review HIGHLIGHTED for all to see!