2nd Hidden Review by Yelp Extortionists!

If you have been following our Yelp Trolling Blog here is another one installment. Yet another great review by one of our guests a few weekends ago! Too bad Yelp will hide this review and call it Not Recommended Shortly!

Yelp has hidden all of our good reviews and intends on making our business look worse than it really is by posting only the bad review in the first few pages, and only using those negative reviews to give us 1.5 stars.

Guess what, we know what you are doing Yelp! We will NOT PAY YOU ANY ADVERTISING DOLLARS TO EXTORT US! We know that we have thousands of guests that love us and keep coming back, and it’s not because of our Yelp page. Its because of the great experience they have with us hosting them in the Pocono Cabins and Vacation Homes we have. We have tons of great reviews on Homeaway, VRBO, Airbnb and Tripadvisor and we DONT CARE ABOUT YELP!

We believe that in a few days after this post is published that Yelp will hid this review, but we wanted to highlight it before they do so guests can actually see what a great job we do hosting.

Remember, if you ever get interested in true reviews on Yelp, feel free to browse pages 3-8 of the Not Recommended section, here is a direct link to the starting page: https://biz.yelp.com/r2r/EIsN7mwm0tTt4WIPgUqMeQ/not_recommended_reviews?not_recommended_start=20