Review #14 Hidden by Yelp because we DO NOT PAY YELP TO ADVERTISE!

Not Advertising on Yelp is easy when you have guests who have amazing experiences such as Jen and her group. Jen brought the whole family and actually got married before she came to the cabin. Had an amazing time and we are so glad that her wedding day turned out to great! Read her review below and don’t forget, this is the only place you will find REAL reviews, by REAL guests, who stayed in our houses for REAL.

Yelp hide our reviews so we pay them to advertise, we will do NO SUCH THING!

I rented the moonlight creek lodge with my new husband and at the end of March and had my whole wedding party here along with family and friends. The owner was very accommodating and hospitable. We loved the property and was able to fit our whole family in the cabin very comfortably. It was so relaxing and we had so much fun. We will definitely be returning our business to Grand Leisure Travel!! The rooms were very clean and comfortable. I was even permitted to bring my Bulldog along. The hot tub was amazing! - Jen’s Group at Great Lodge