Airbnb Reviews - April thru September Recap

Welcome everyone to another blog post of great reviews about us and not so great reviews about us. We love to share these reviews because we want to give all future guests a great perspective on the REALITY of reviews and also the information that you probably won’t see, the TRUTH.

Truth is very touchy subject. We know that Truth to a Guest is Not necessarily truth to an owner. So here we will highlight the good reviews and the bad ones and give both sides of the story.

Every since we started doing these Hate Yelp Blogs, they have evolved into something more. So here goes, the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH!

Ozoda rented the Bushkill Creek Lodge in April and had a great time! She stated that the place was comfortable and good. Thanks Ozoda!


Glendy, rented the Waterfront and while she rented in the slow season we got the feeling that she wasn’t too happy with her choice. The pool she said seemed small and the hot tub indoors was not too appealing. We quickly rushed to help her and showed her 2 other properties that were available. One was Water by a Cellar Door and the other was Colonial. Glendy was nice enough to come with us to scout both properties and see which one was more conducive to her group and we loved doing that since we go to know more about her. Glendy decided on Colonial and was extremely happy about her choice later on. Do remember, that if you don’t like your property and we have others available, we don’t mind moving you to a more suitable one. We know nothing is one size fits all so we can cater to you a little if it’s slow. Thanks Glendy, we enjoyed hosting you!


Natalie stayed in Water by a Cellar Door and loved it.She stayed in June, it wasn’t too hot and perfect pool weather to enjoy your large pool. She recognized our efforts and appreciated how we were very responsive to her. Thanks Natalie. Hope to see you back soon!


Next up is Saori! Saori had a great time in the Waterfront, (same house that Glendy didn’t much like - it’s not for everyone) and her group really enjoyed themselves. The waterfront has a small pool and hot tub and they made use of them. Thanks, Saori, hope to see you guys again soon!


Leslie stayed in the Colonial home, and really loved it. See her review below. Leslie mentioned that our decor could be more neutral, we appreciate her feedback, but we like to “emphasize” things : ) Thanks Leslie.


Marlon also had a great time in Water by a Cellar Door. Thanks Marlon!


Jill, stayed with us at Grand Summit Lodge. Jill’s group came up from Phily and really loved the property. The firepit and the hot tub were some of the best features and she really enjoyed our little gift we leave to people. You have to rent to find out what it is :)


No comes the fun part! As you know, this would not be the Wall of Shame if we didnt add some of the more “interesting reviews” that we’ve received.

“Why would anyone want to show off negative reviews? You ask????”

We do it because we want you know that we are human! We live, breathe and work to provide a good experience for everyone, sadly there are some who NO MATTER what we attempt to do to satisfy them, will always be angry, small people with a bone to pick! Let’s get started.

In Mid July we had a guest by the name of Norberto, a nice Uber driver that we had the pleasure of meeting at the property. Norberto booked our Bushkill Creek Lodge and could not speak a WORD of english! I kid you not, not a word! I honestly, don’t know how that is possible but here is the proof.

After making the reservation, Norberto didn’t respond AT ALL! Not to calls, to emails, texts nothing.

I mean come on! We have a process, we need you to send us some ID, we need you to sign a lease, we need you to get a welcome email before you arrive, we need you to follow the rules of the house.

Norberto, Did not respond AT ALL. We naturally thought he cancelled, booked elsewhere forgot to cancel it on Airbnb, whatever. So, we arrive at the property to find him and his group looking for the place and attempting to get inside. Strange right?

Not only did he get lost but did not sign the lease, meaning legally (we don’t care what Airbnb says, they don’t own our house) they cannot get in.

We walk up to Norberto, who cannot speak english explain all the processes that he didn’t follow. Explain that he cannot get in without signing a lease, so we give him access to the wifi and he and his “interpreter friend” start signing the lease on the spot. Unbelievable! The guy can’t speak English! How did he book our house? Did he read our policies? How does Airbnb let this crap happen? I digress.

They get inside and are walked through the house, all is pleasant and we leave. Then, they post this lovely piece of work!

Don’t get me wrong, we have nothing against people who cannot speak English, but at least answer your phone, your texts, emails, come on! So naturally, we respond in kind…


So naturally, we said to Airbnb, he guys, we never got any notifications, we can prove it since Airbnb didn’t have any, he is lying! Airbnb’s responds that they don’t care. This is a guest who basically was trespassing until we showed up! Airbnb does not care about hosts, and truthfully not the guests either by charging 15-25% on top of our rates. Moral of the story? Book Direct!

P.S. We have lot’s of guests who don’t speak a word of english, they all call with their child or a relative on 3 way and we are able to communicate easily that way. There are ways, Norberto simply didn’t care to try that.

Next up are Kameryn and Rob: Wait, you say? That’s not a bad review? WE KNOW! THEY STAYED IN THE SAME HOUSE EXACTLY AFTER NORBERTO! HAHAHA! … and had a great time! Go figure!


Now we have Dhruvin, who stayed in our other pool house, had a great time and no issues.


Now, to be fair, at this point we started experiencing issues at our Bushkill Creek Lodge. So, not everything that Shakira (no not the popular one) mentioned is embellished. We will provide clarification below.

Shakira had trouble finding the place because she refused to follow our directions which we repeatedly state to follow. She mentions some of the cleanliness issues here and to be fair we were about to change cleaners for doing a bad job and we did she just got the old one until we did.

The pool was not dirty, it was unbalanced. This happened when the previous guests, mainly NORBERTO started adding dirty water into the pool. It is creek side so we can only assume he wanted to “top off” the 21,000 gallon pool, LOL. As ridiculous as it sounds this happens. So what happens when you put dirty creek water into a clean pool? A dirty pool. Sadly, Shakira arrived to this. We had no choice, we added chemicals and tried to clear it but it wouldn’t take. To add insult to injury, the previous guests, also left the hot tub empty. This burned out the element and we only found out when the darn thing wouldn’t heat.

So I kindly explained this Shakira, while she was holding a Corona, said I’d be willing to compensate her $250 for this trouble. She said that’s fine and walked away into the house.

Later that night, we get a call from her boyfriend who says the fridge is broken. We’ll this was the last straw. We jumped on the phone, order a new one from Lowes and had it delivered in 3 hours. Must have been a record. That helped prevent their food from going bad, but yet, not enough to please them so here we are with this review.

It’s important to note, that when Shakira left she asked for the ENTIRE REFUND OF HER STAY. The whole thing! We we’re like, are you kidding, we agreed to $250. Thankfully, we had all the proof in the world and this time, unlike all the others, Airbnb took our side and refused any refund.

We know this was a bad situation, but sadly unavoidable. We however have learned tremendously from this.

We have installed a $5000 water filtration system in the house so any new water coming in is perfectly filtered.

We installed a brand new hot tub here, with no element issues (yet).

We drained, scrubbed and refilled the pool (twice) last month…. and what’s the result? ….

Guests like Tyler! Tyler stayed in the Bushkill Creek Lodge only a few short weeks after Shakira and LOVED IT! BAM! Success!

Tyler and his group had a great time and the feedback speaks for itself. Thanks Tyler. It’s all for guests like you, man!

Ater Tyler, we’ve had a few more boring guests who had good times in our Grand Summit Lodge and Water by a Cellar Door houses, YAWN! J/k, we love guests who have a good time! Here they both are.


It’s been a busy summer, lot’s of things happened that helped us streamline our homes and cabins. We’ve improved them tremendously and while we personally think we’ve achieved a lot, including 20% retention from previous guests, tons of great reviews (stay tuned for the Homeaway/VRBO section as well as the Google/Book Direct sections to follow) some people still seem impossible to please.

One such person, an idealist is Eitan and his wife Lisa.

Eitan booked our Le Chateau Magnifique property, an old B&B we now rent to families and groups.

All summer, we’ve had good feedback there. Groups come and go from this property and they all love it. It’s big, spacious, roomy, has plenty of beds and tons to offer any group size. But the two face nature of some individuals simply cannot be helped, so here goes our adventures with Eitan.

One thing is important to mention, Eitan is an idealist, he believes that Airbnb helps and doesn’t hurt. We tend to agree, but not just when it serves us, unlike Eitan who conveniently claims to believe in Airbnb when it “serves him.”

Being an Airbnb idealist, gives Eitan free-reign over his loyalty and belief systems. He believes that “his obligations” to Airbnb users is more valuable than the house in which he just stayed in to be fair and just. So he cuts off one hand with the other and feels that will vindicate his mean spirited feelings and high brow perch from which he passes down justment with his review. We’ll we obviously have something to say about that!


As usual, after complaining about non-sense, being a professional guest documenting things that he most likely put there himself to get a maximum refund Eitan passed judgement on us, by saying that we should not rent our property until his non-existing issues are fixed. In return, we provided our own recommendation for Eitan.


This has been an exciting edition of Airbnb review from the Summer of 2019. We loved sharing these with you. We thought that it’s important that hosts like us fight back against guests who pretend to be wolves in sheeps clothing.

Ironically, more and more guests are now coming to us directly, instead of using portals like Airbnb.

Maybe it’s because we are fair and honest about everything.

Maybe it’s because we have mostly legal rentals unlike other hosts.

Maybe it’s because we are tired of being picked on by Airbnb and their Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani eyes in the sky who pass judgement on us and OUR guests.

Don’t make the mistake. Airbnb will have you think that these guests are their because they “belong” to a new platform. The truth is that vacation rentals have been around for centuries and Airbnb did not discover them. They merely put them on spotlight.

These always were and always will be OUR GUEST, THE HOSTS, why?

Because they are staying in our house. They are eating from our plates. They are using our amenities, and when all is said and done, they will stay with us again!

Airbnb is a glitch on a timeline, after them will be others, and their loyalty does not lie with the traveler, nor the host. It is the highest price per share. It’s nothing more than a corporation. They will change and evolve, but our houses, will always be here! Same place they were before Airbnb came and same place they will be after they leave.

Thanks for Reading.

Grand Leisure Travel