Yelp Review #15: Love to Hear You Lie, Sam!

As a service company, we love knowing that people who stayed with us had a good time. We want them to come back and in an effort to make sure guests are happy, we follow up with them to make sure they had a good time. If anything was wrong with their stay we want to know so we can improve our homes and their amenities.

Naturally, we expect our guests to review our service HONESTLY and provide feedback so we can improve ourselves. However, something went terribly wrong with Sam.

Sam stayed with us in January and the day after he left we called him to follow up.

Here is a transcript of that conversation:

Mark: Hi, is this Sam?

Sam: Yeah, hi what's up?

Mark: I was just checking, how did everything go?

Sam: It was wonderful.

Mark: Perfect, so you had a good time? All went well?

Sam: Yup, Yeah, definitely.

Mark: Perfect, Perfect. Right, thank you for staying with us then...

Mark: I see you booked through Airbnb, would it be possible for you to rate us 5 stars there since you had a good time?

Sam: Sure.

Mark: Sure, Perfect.

After that call, we sent Sam a few emails reminding him to post his 5 star review on our various portals, however, instead of genuinely posting a 5 star review here is what he posted on Google, 3 months after his stay!

Sam Google Review.JPG

After posting this, we were so surprised that we emailed him and asked the below:

Sam Follow Up Email.jpg

Here, we were so confused about his feedback that we didn’t know what to do?!?!?! So we wanted to know why he didn’t have a good time. 95% of our guests have a great time and the ones that don’t are very clear about some of the issues. So we had to go to Yelp (a natural watering hole for the millenial buffalo where they complain and hold hands) and we found his “true feelings” there. Here is what he wrote on Yelp!

Sam's Yelp Review.JPG

Wow! We naturally expect that Yelp is a great place for people to complain, but we would like to point out that we do not (nor have we ever) provided paper towels, nor shower products. How can we, we are a vacation home, not a hotel. We do not advertise this, and when asked, we always say to bring your own.

We rented Sam a 2,500 sq ft house with an indoor hot tub and a full kitchen. It does seem like Sam, has no integrity, nor honesty, and is only able to make weird faces at himself as a way of coping with his lack of these qualities. We understand Sam, we hope that you find "your true self” in the future, but to do that, you have to look deep inside and very importantly grow up!

We do not ask for much, just tell us the truth and stop hiding behind your computer screen, we only want to hear the truth to improve ourselves, something you should strive for as well! Good Luck Sam!