Have you ever trusted the wrong online business? Perhaps booked a vacation and never heard back from the "owner?" 

In 2016, online businesses that do not have secure accounts and verified reviews are definitely cause for concern!

At Grand Leisure Travel, we are committed to not only providing you with excellent customer service, but service you can trust and validate through our many online portals such as YelpAirBnBVacation Home Rentals, Avroa, HomeAway and even Facebook! 

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In an effort to keep our renters and inquirers alert and protected,  I have listed additional information for you to consider when booking your next vacation home rental.

Protect Yourself - NBC News

Grand Leisure Travel Digital Handshake Video

Again, thank you for inquiring about our beautiful Pocono rentals and remember, stay alert and only book when you are 100% sure of who is behind the other ide of the computer.

If you have any questions or concerns that I can address, please feel free to reach out a Grand Leisure Travel representative at 718-303-0448