Vacations are not tiring


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“Today is so hard to be back at work. I just had a vacation, now I’m so tired, I just want to sleep.”


All of us have heard or spoken this phrase, time and again, from/to our friends, co-workers or relatives. We plan a vacation to help us relax from our routine tiring lives and explore places we wish to visit, but when we come back we are more tired than ever.


According to various studies and surveys conducted by a leading universities and doctors, more than 60% of the vacationers felt more tired when they returned home than when they left.


The term ‘Vacation’ means the act of taking a leisure break to visit exciting places and return home rejuvenated and happy. But, like a lot of things, our lack of knowledge, has resulted in insulting the meaning of vacation.


According to the studies conducted, the main reason for vacations being tiring is the nature of the trip itself. Before the trip, we, especially women, plan what to pack and spend a large amount of time rushing to make sure nothing is forgotten. To take the trip, we stay at work till late and at home, to ensure everything will run smoothly in our absence. In our vacation, we stay at hotels with unfamiliar environments, which affects our mental peace and sleeping patterns. The food at such trips is always eaten out, resulting in stomach disturbances and no-satisfaction. To take the maximum advantage of the trip at the minimum cost, we book cheaper hotels, which may increase our conveyance time, then wake up earlier than usual, sleep later than usual - all of these results in lack of sleep.


Due to our past experiences and what we see around, we have accepted that vacations are always supposed to be tiring. We, at Grand Leisure Travel, ask for a chance to prove you wrong.


Picture this, the grand happy fresh return post-vacation-

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Our motto at Grand Leisure Travel is to make your vacation “planned with just a chat, relaxing as a trip to the spa, comfortable as home, luxurious as dreamed but still within budget and exotic, exploring and exciting as ever.” We make sure that 100% of our clients come back happy and rejuvenated.


To ensure that we deliver what we promise, we offer residences for vacation that are designed by renowned local artisans, featuring luxury residences in a wide variety of styles, along with handy amenities like Pools, Hot Tubs, Game Rooms, and many other outdoor amenities including beaches, lakes and creeks. To make sure that none of the reasons, as discovered from the studies, make your vacation tiring, these residences have kitchen to take care of your food habits and also reduce your costs, laundry rooms so that you can pack lightly and still have enough, close vicinity to places you want to enjoy so that your sleep is not compromised and the right homey feel to not disturb your sleep.


All you have to do is chat with us, ask for a call back or book online, and you will have the world’s best feel of an actual relaxing yet exploring vacation.