Why take a vacation home?

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When we think of a nice relaxing trip, our mind conjures one of these scenes:


a)      a hill station with mesmerising view of the mystique mountains, or

b)     a sea shore with energetic beaches, where crashing of waves, despite drawing you into its mystery, soothes your soul or

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c)      a nice lake or creek where the flow of the water drains all your stress and worries


Imagine living between the magical Pocono mountains, or enjoying honeymoon in Maryland surrounded by the mesmerising blue waters or prom night at a bay-side in Delaware. How wonderful would it be to sleep on the top of mountains with the world at your feet, to wake up and breathe the fresh air of the mountains, or wake up with thecreek at your doorstep or sound of beach waves from your window!


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could fulfill this fantasy?


But with the hefty hotel room prices, expensive food and other travel cost, it is never possible to just enjoy these simple nature’s gift. We have to always plan to visit nearby places by cramming so many things in our schedule, take smaller rooms to reduce stay costs and carry food. The sentence in itself sounds tiring.


But, we at Grand Leisure Travel have a found a way to make your dream come true. We offer rental residences which have all the amenities and luxuries to turn your dream into a reality. You not only get a chance to live surrounded by nature’s gift but you can also swimming in the pools, relax in the hot tubs, enjoy a gaming room with your siblings and create memories to last a lifetime.


Our featured bedroom houses are the perfect place for a family get-together.

❏      Adequate spaces with very economic costs. Unlike hotels, we provide comfy homey feels with lots of spaces to accommodate as many people as your like.

❏      It provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled evening splashing around in the pool, pulling pranks or just relaxing in a hot tub.

❏      It gives you a chance to treat your spouse with self-made romantic meal or BBQ outdoors laughing, dancing and enjoying with friends or siblings or give yourself a nice baking therapy. There is no rush to go anywhere, you can cook at an easy pace, making the most of your evenings. And you get the added advantage of saving on your food expenses.

❏      Do not worry about not packing adequate pair of clothes. We provide a laundry room so that you can pack light and do not have to burden yourself with planning and packing. 


Your vacation home is your little piece of paradise. A place where you escape the stresses of everyday life to lay on the beach, take in a round of golf, build a snowman with your grandchildren, or simply take a nap on the porch swing.


What are you waiting for now? Your grand vacations awaits, sign up with us for last minute specials and discounts.