3 Great Reasons To Book Directly With Grand Leisure Travel

While online travel agencies make it easy to search a wide variety of vacation rentals, what you get in convenience you lose in benefits and protections. For over three years, Grand Leisure Travel has made booking a home practically effortless, thus making your trip to the Poconos that much more enjoyable!

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By booking directly, there are some obvious advantages.

Here are three of them:

1. Lowest Price Guarantee - When booking on websites like HomeAway or AirBnB, you pay hundreds of dollars in traveler fees, service charges and of course, the outrageous insurance plans that almost never work out for those who need to cancel their bookings. At Grand Leisure Travel, you can take advantage of the best rate guarantee and know that you are paying the base rate with fees and taxes and nothing more. 

2. More Leverage - By booking directly, an instant rapport is built between the business and the customer. Why? Because only two parties are involved. Also, as the Pocono experts, GLT representatives can make some awesome suggestions- like visiting Dale's for breakfast in Bartonsville. With straightforward communication, customers can clearly communicate their needs, especially in the event of changes or cancellations. By using an online travel agency, there's more room for discrepancy and not to mention, largely horrible customer service (take a look here at what other travelers have to say about their own experiences!)  

3. Retention Discounts - Unlike on the OTA platforms, there is a discount for repeat renters when booking via grandleisuretravel.com. By using our promo codes that we provide to repeat guests, you can earn anywhere from $100-$250 off future bookings. FREE MONEY!

The bottom line is that by dealing directly with hotels and vacation home rental sites like Grand Leisure Travel, you can find the best houses at the best rates. The working relationship created between the customer and the business is unparalleled & the money you save on silly fees can be used towards the ski resort you've always wanted to visit or the romantic dinner for two you can afford to splurge on.

Vacation smart and book with GLT today.