Extend Your Stay With Grand Leisure Travel!

Among offering short term accommodation in the Poconos, Grand Leisure Travel has an array of options for guests who want to stay for more than just the two-night minimum. Some of our rentals, like the Bushkill Creek Lodge, the Woodland Retreat, the Summit Lodge and the Skytop, have housed guests for more than 2 weeks at a time! Just this past month, the Shawnee Vacation Home had a small family of three stay for a full month- enjoying the holidays and skiing the slopes while not spending a fortune on jacked up Poconos suites. This past summer, newlyweds enjoyed the secluded privacy and gorgeous waterfall located just behind our Lodge on Moonlight Drive. 

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Short term rentals in the Poconos are what you make them. Bachelor party? Come on down for a night. Honeymoon? Stay for a week! Grand Leisure is here to make your family vacation in the Poconos one to remember so come and relax- we'll be here and the Poconos Retreat will wait for your call.