Food Is The Reason To Travel - Welcome to the Poconos!

We all know skiing the slopes can work up a real appetite. That's why we want to make sure you eat well on your journey through the Poconos. That's exactly why Grand Leisure Travel has put together a list of three of the yummiest must-visit restaurants in our beautiful region! 

  1. Guy Fieri's Mt. Pocono Kitchen - After a long day at the Mt. Airy Casino & Resort, make sure you stop by Guy Fieri's dee-lish, sprawling restaurant. Between the sushi/noodle bar, fresh gulf shrimp, hand-crafted pasta and baby-back-ribs, you'll leave feeling full and ready for another day of adventure. 
  2. Mi Casa - Just because we're in the Poconos, doesn't mean we don't know good Mexican food when we see it. Mi Casa offers authentic Spanish cuisine in a festive yet intimate setting. John from Grand Leisure always recommends the steak fajitas!
  3. Dale's Pocono Bistro - This local restaurant offers the best breakfast in the Poconos for a great price. Before hitting the sights, stock up on Dale's and you'll be set - Grand Leisure won't steer you wrong! 

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Oh and the best part about it- each of these go-to restaurants are just a few minutes from our short term rentals. Whether you're at the Lodge on Moonlight Drive, the Summit Lodge, the Skytop, the Woodland Retreat or the Shawnee Vacation Home, you're just moments away from the best eats! 

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