12 Reasons Why We Love Our Yelp Fans, but Really Hate Yelp!

As a Pocono Cabin & Vacation Rental company we wanted to spend some time on explaining why we love our Real Guests (all 6 pages of them), but really, really hate Elite Yelpers (and of course Yelp)!

For the past few years while we were running our vacation rentals, we’ve had some amazing feedback from real guests who stayed in our vacation rentals. We used that constructive feedback to improve our homes and cabins and now we are proud to say that our reviews have improved dramatically. Our effort was simply to improve the properties, the experience of renting with us and create long lasting connections and repeat guests.

We are proud to say that lately most of our reviews (not all, we are not perfect) reflect our effort has worked out.

Our improvements have been shown everywhere, on every portal we advertise, everywhere a verified review is posted.

Everywhere, except Yelp! Why you ask? That’s a great question.

Below you will find the answer and not only that, you will see a distinct picture come into view, a picture of extortion, false representations, unverified lies and all kinds of bad stuff that we want to expose and bring to light.

So here goes, this is our beginning to trolling Yelp and their Elite. Enjoy!

Read the Full Article Here: (We Promise it is entertaining)