Pocono House Rental for Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

The wedding day is indeed the most memorable day in everyone’s lives, but the bachelor and bachelorette party is the “last fling before the ring.”

Wedding season is around the corner. So, enjoy your last days of being single with your friends in the Poconos.

Book a Pocono House Rental (as a home base) while you enjoy all the best the Poconos has to offer including: Golf Courses, Wineries, Breweries, Skiing, Snowboarding, Sky Diving, Zip Lining, Stock Car Racing, Paintballing, Whitewater Rafting, and of course great Gambling and Shopping.

Renting a Pocono House Rental for such a party is easily the foundation of all the activities listed above.

This is your special time and when you’re done with your busy day, have one single place to stay.

Rent our large Pocono House Rentals and let your friends and family enjoy our home for your bachelor and bachelorette party.

Specially Designed For Close Family:

Everyone wants their pre-wedding time or bachelor time to be spent with their closed ones, and we are doing exactly that. We can help you plan an exciting, enthralling and a wonderful time with your loved ones for your bachelor and bachelorette party.

Our rentals include great amenities such as game rooms & fireplaces, hot tubs and secluded areas. Many of these amenities are only available in our homes and are designed to help you and your family and friends enjoy your time together.


Whether you want to go paintballing with your friends or just chill out by the fire-pit at the house, we have the amenities required to create the perfect ambiance for you and your group.


Whether you want to do a day at the spa or just go shopping, when you return you have a cozy, quiet Pocono House Cabin or House to relax and enjoy with your loved ones.

While we can recommend many places to go during your bachelor and bachelorette party; ultimately we hope that you would just enjoy the company of your friends and family in our home and allow the nature of the area to inspire and recharge you so that you would be going home to your partner with more energy, passion and love.