What’s the difference between Pocono Resorts, Cabins Rentals & Airbnb? Part 1 of 3

Should you book a Pocono Resort or a Vacation Home on Homeaway/VRBO?

The Pocono Mountains, PA is filled with various Hotels, Resorts, Rental Agencies, Cabin Agencies, Motels and Bed and Breakfasts.

So, you’ve decided to come to the Poconos and see it’s beauty! You’ve decided to make the trip out of your busy lifestyle in the city or suburb and see the beauty of the mountains.


But, where do you stay? Do you stay in a fancy resort like Kalahari, Camelback or Great Wolf Lodge?

Is Skiing and Snowboarding what you are coming up for?

Is it the indoor pools and beaches?

Is it the summer creeks, rivers and activities like rafting and kayaking? Is it paintball? or snowmobiling or ATV’ing you are after?

Knowing what to do and where to go can be daunting task and can get easier if you follow the simple guide we will lay out here in 3 simple parts.

The first part, dedicated to this page is about the difference between Pocono Resorts, Hotels, Vacation Rentals and Cabin Rentals.

The second part, will feature what is best for families and groups of various sizes.

The third part, will feature our conclusion where most of the answers are formed for the questions in the first two pages.

So, without further ado, let’s get to asking the questions and identifying the differences we laid out above.

Pocono Resorts & Hotels

A Pocono Resort is a large scale property with various amenities. In the summer, these amenities include indoor swimming pools, bars, restaurants and beaches. In the winter, these amenities are less used and places like Camelback and Shawnee are more prevalent because of the proximity for skiing and snowboarding near these resorts.

A few examples of these are Kalahari, Camelback and Great Wolf Lodge. These properties are created to keep all the money inside them, hence they give you everything you need to have a good time and are really popular in the area.

First time guests going to the Poconos prefer to come to these resorts because they are not very familiar with the Pocono, PA area and really want to experience their amenities or for a few other reasons like their group is only a few people and cannot afford a house or cabin.

However, guests that frequent the Poconos get more comfortable with the idea that staying together is a larger benefit and many rent houses and cabins. Houses and Cabins in the Pocono Mountains PA are in the thousands and Grand Leisure Travel has been at the forefront of guest satisfaction and repeat renters.

Many of the reasons people chose the large resorts is due to cost, but what many do not know is that their cost is highly inflated because of the amenities they provide. At Grand Leisure Travel, we try and keep the costs/person low so that everyone can enjoy the home and fit comfortably.

Grand Leisure homes are listed on all the popular websites like Airbnb, Homeaway, VRBO and Tripadvisor. It’s important to remember that just like the resorts who advertise on Expedia and Booking.com, we have to “mark up” our rates by what these Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) charge us, so in effect the cheapest rates are always on our site and nowhere else.

Our homes have been around for many years and our guests keep coming back because they have “graduated” to be able to stay together with others. Depending on whether they have large families to accommodate, want to do a little bit of grilling, soaking in a hot tub or playing a game of pool or just reconnecting without the pressure of having to go and do what the resorts want you to do our rentals serves guests best.

Poconos Airbnb & Vacation Homes

Our vacation homes are very similar to cabin rentals. Vacation homes usually have gas features like fireplaces and BBQ Grills. Pool tables, outdoor and indoor pools, hot tubs and more. They are located in various areas throughout the Poconos PA to serve all the visitors to Pennsylvania; whether you are coming from Philadelphia or New York or Pittsburgh or parts of New Jersey.

Pocono VRBO/HomeAway & Cabin Rentals

Our cabins are very similar to vacation homes, they are large and grand. Some of our cabins have HUGE fireplaces, movie projectors, indoor pools and so much more. If you ask us, people generally have a better time in our log cabin than in a regular vacation home, but that depends on what you and your guests prefer.

We hope the above differences help you make a better decision about where to stay when coming to the Poconos.

We know we have yet to answer a few questions like: What is best for large families VS small? What is best for kids? What is safest? Do you stay in a cabin the woods or in a residential area? What do other people do in the houses VS resorts?

All these questions will be answered in parts 2 and 3 of our guide.

Stay Tuned and Safe Travels wherever you stay!

The Smart Way to Vacation,

Grand Leisure Travel