Pocono Rental Cabins for St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Pocono Rental Cabins for St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

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Many festivals are celebrated in the Poconos with great love and affection such as Passover, Easter, Independence Day, Cinco-De-Mayo, and much more. One of such festivals that Poconos are remembered for celebrating in such a unique manner is St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated globally as birth or presence of the Irish culture around March 17 every year. It is celebrated in the loving memory of St. Patrick who was one of Ireland’s patron saints to introduce Christianity in Ireland around the 5th century.


Poconos believe in the saying, “Unity in Diversity” following which, we celebrate each festival around the year respecting every religion. St. Patrick’s Day arrangement in Poconos is made explicitly in Irish style as it is celebrated by Irish communities across the globe.

Rental cabins in Poconos are decorated in all green color; people are seen wearing green color apparels on this day. Poconos organizes a dinner party featuring the best of the welcome drinks and Irish food that is made using green food color as a part of the celebration.

Poconos is known for arranging a variety of things for people concerning their age. For instance, children can enjoy eating sweets and chocolates while for adults, guests arrange a “pint of beer” at our log cabins. Also, a live music performance has been organized for you and your family to enjoy the fest with a touch of Irish music in Downtown Stroudsburg.

Poconos offers Irish food menu that includes the following:

•        Irish brown bread.

•        Corned beef.

•        Guinness pie.

•        Irish cream and chocolate mousse cake.

•        Irish coffee.

•        Irish potato champ and soup.

Do visit Pocono Mountains in March and make the best out of St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Mount Pocono Cabin Rentals with your family and let us make it even more special for you and your family.