Airbnb/VRBO Poconos Cabins/House Rentals for Veterans Day

Airbnb/VRBO Poconos Cabins/House Rentals for Veterans Day

Grand Leisure Travel offers you a wide range of locations to choose from adventurous sites to a romantic gateway in Pocono Mountains. When it comes to Veterans Day, Poconos always leads from the front. Poconos is believed to be celebrating each festival and also some important days such as Veterans Day.

It is a moment of pride to honor all the brave heart veterans who have served the nation with dignity and utmost bravery. It’s time to honor those courageous men who stood at the borders awake all night and protected us so that we can sleep peacefully in our homes.   

Veteran’s Day celebration in Poconos:

· Appreciating the Veterans:        

Apart from renting the cabins for the family holidays and other exciting adventures, Poconos also believe in acknowledging those men, who have spent their whole life protecting us. So, Poconos is planning to make this Veterans Day a little more special for the Veterans as well as the active military.

· Veterans Day Ceremony:

Poconos along with the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center is set to host Veterans day ceremony in Pocono Mountain area. Poconos has arranged a free buffet dinner for all the veterans and their families as well as the active military personnel and their families too. Also, a DJ night has been organized for the entertainment of the military people.

· Veterans Luncheon:

All the veterans and the active military personnel, including those who are retired or formerly a part of U.S. military, will be offered a free meal that includes a special Veterans Day menu to choose from 10 special entrée dishes.

Do visit Pocono Mountains this Veterans day and witness the moment of pride and honor of the people who have served for the nation and have spent their whole life protecting it. Poconos is offering something that these personnel deserves. You can enjoy a fantastic weekend along with your family where you can enjoy watching the Veterans Day ceremony as well by reserving your Airbnb and VRBO Pocono Cabin or House Rental.