Airbnb or VRBO or Hotel or Resort - What's best for families, friends, birthdays and special events? Part 2 of 3

Airbnb or VRBO or Hotel or Resort - Pocono Airbnb or Pocono Resorts? What’s best for large families VS small?

The Pocono’s has many features that allow for large families to enjoy them as well as small. Parents and large groups can freely enjoy the best of the Poconos has to offer like Camelback Mountain. A place for winter and summer. Camelback Mountain is a great Pocono Resort and is a main focal point of why people come to the Poconos. A place where large families and small can enjoy. Here is a small video on Camelback Mountain and it’s history.

What is best for kids? What is safest?

To answer what is best for kids is really trying to gain an understanding of what is best for YOUR KIDS. Do your kids enjoy being in Cabin Rentals in PA? Do they like being outside and enjoying snow, lakes, creeks and rivers? If they do, then one of our Airbnb Cabins like the ones we have would be a great fit. In our cabins they can enjoy more of being outside playing and exploring and less of being on their mobile phones and other distractions. Giving them the freedom of fresh air and surprise of nature in the Pocono Mountains.

Do you stay in a cabin the woods or in a residential area?

Depending on your group size and what their feelings are about cabin rentals you as the organizer, might need to accommodate their taste. Some people more prefer a Pocono House Rental, than a cabin in the woods. Some people can take a vacation very seriously, almost as seriously as their own lives, so it’s very difficult for them to get accustomed to a cabin lifestyle once they come up here and the cabin does not have all the luxuries of home. So, be careful when choosing your rental.

We know that being an organizer is tough, we know that' it’s a thankless job in many respects, but once you know that your group has decided on a home, and are well aware of what that home will be for them during their stay, there is no better feeling of knowing you have planned the perfect trip.

What do other people do in the Pocono Houses and Pocono Homes VS Pocono Resorts and Pocono Hotels?

Guests come to the Poconos can either stay in a house or a resort. There are many differences, such as where to book the houses? Houses can be booked on Homeaway, VRBO, Airbnb, TripAdvisor or our site

Naturally, everyone who books with us knows that by booking directly through our site you save on the “add on fees” that these websites charge to show and display our inventory. So many people opt to book direct. Our homes are very different in size, and design. We have about half large cabins and half homes in residential areas. These homes come with different amenities, designs and furniture. Many of them have pools, are located near creeks and brooks, and rivers when coming up for the weekend through Airbnb Poconos