Make your wedding reception exciting with vrbo poconos

With highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s, it’s no wonder so many couples plan to get married in the summer high up in the Pocono Mountains. It’s the ideal romantic setting that endorses connection, love and a healthy dose of outdoor adventure activities.

When planning a wedding, there are many benedictions to going the traditional route of having an indoor wedding reception booking through vrbo poconos. That doesn’t mean that the ceremony has to be arranged in the indoor. While the couple & guests can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Skytop Lodge as well as the stunning indoor ballrooms.

What to consider making your reception grand?

If you are planning for an indoor wedding reception this summer, here are some of the ideas to make your wedding grand. The team at Grand Leisure Travel through vrbo poconos can help you make your day big and memorable.

Embrace the arrangement in your centerpiece

The fun way to admire the scenery of the beautiful mountains in the summer season is to incorporate fun details in your centerpiece. Sunflowers mostly bloom in the late summer in the Poconos!

Select a theme

It’s easy to feel excited when selecting décor through vrbo poconos. Having a theme will help you narrow down your options and creates an adhesive look. Popular themes include summer garden, enchanted forest, and traditional white, grand leisure theme can help you select you a perfect theme as per your taste.

Specialize the bride and groom place setting

Whether it’s Mr. and Mrs. silverware or a “just married” sign on the backs of the chairs, adding other details for the bride and groom will make them feel thrilled while they stand out.

Sketch out your plan for flowers

If you have a visual plan for your wedding day, it can help to make the arrangement accordingly. It can help the team to display the flower or another décor as per decided earlier.

Consider place cards

Guests have more fun when they are comfortable! Having a designated seat for each guest is a seamless way to get all the guests seated for the dinner without any awkward encounters.

Find the perfect space for your wedding by booking through vrbo poconos your ceremony, food services, resorts and a reception place with Grand Leisure Travel. Our team will make your wedding dreams come true. Hurry!!! Book you stay with us to get the perk of special offers.