Oh No! While I Was Organizing Our Pocono Cabin Rental: Someone Else Booked It! : (

The FOMO is REAL: (FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out)


We cannot tell you the number of times an organizer wanted to book a Pocono Cabin Rental and while they were organizing someone booked that exact same Pocono House or Pocono Cabin a few hours or even minutes before them. They booked it on another site, with another OTA (Online Travel Agency) like Airbnb, VRBO, or Homeaway.

We list all our houses on those sites too.

It’s one of the most unfortunate experiences our organizers have to endure.

Not only do they have the burden of organizing but they also have that stress of knowing that if they do not get the best house or cabin for their group, their group will be disappointed.

It’s disappointing.

It sends you back to the drawing board.

It makes the organizing experience instead of fun and exciting – miserable and depressing!

So what do you do?!?!

Time is of the Essence

We know how disappointing it is, so before we explain our solution, let’s discuss the problem.

As an organizer, we know it’s tough. Very tough. You are dealing with 10-24 personalities, calendar availabilities, vacation time, sick days, personal days on top of that everyone’s opinions and emotions - and who knows what else?

Half the people tell you they want it, but don’t send you money.

Half the people tell you they will think about it. They will let you know next week. Or whenever and never do!

It’s like herding the cats sometimes. (Not calling our guests cats), but you know what we mean.

In the end, it’s YOUR Money (the organizers) that we are holding when you make the booking.

time is of the essence.jpg

It’s like working for free, (actually it’s like paying to work, lol) and meanwhile your intentions are true.

You want to be the hero!

You want to deliver the best possible Pocono House or Pocono Cabin to your group.

It’s a thankless job. We know.

So, we are here to help you!

Finally, there is a solution!

If You Book Directly With Grand Leisure Travel:

Your Deposit Can be Saved, Held and Moved up to a Year into the Future!

We know that there are certain people that love traveling, visiting new places, enjoying new and experiences in the Poconos.

safe money.jpg

We want to reward them, not punish them!

You are the organizer!

You are our hero!

You are the leader!

You are the do-er!

You deserve it!

While YOU want share your passion with your group; your GROUP is ancillary, slow to respond and unsure of the potential of the great trip you are planning to the Poconos.

They sit on the sidelines.

They critique.

They wait. They are opinionated.

They want it, but they wait for the crowd mentality.

In truth, they want it, but not as much as you.

So, for the longest time, we at Grand Leisure Travel – have been thinking about the best possible way to reward you (our organizers, our heroes, our true guests) – and finally; We Got It.

Introducing the Flexible Deposit

For no cost at all, we would like to help our organizers and save their money and their headaches.

We know that maybe your trip will fall apart. - we’ve been there…

We know that maybe you’ll want to go to the Poconos in a week, a month, a year. - we’ve seen it…

Maybe even with a difference group - we’ve done it!

So we’ve decided that going forward all deposits 40 days out with proper notification, are to be flexible deposits.

What does that mean? What is a flexible deposit?

It works like this:

You want to reserve and hold the house, but you are not sure about your group. Maybe they don’t have their money lined up. Maybe they are waiting to be paid.

happy travler2.JPG

That’s ok.

Book the House & (if booked more than 40 days out - and we are notified) Let Us Know That the trip might not happen!

We will accept your deposit, and if within 40 days you tell us that you would like to move it to a future date, we will do it for you FREE of CHARGE!

Now, we cannot save all your headaches.

You still have to wheel and deal with your group, but now you know that your deposit is safe!

How about that?

So now, don’t worry about making the reservation and reserving the home you want, just go for it.

We are here to support our heroes! - Our Organizers!

happy travler.JPG

If you are more than 40 days out, we’re flexible. Unlike anyone else!

The Smart Way to Travel!

Grand Leisure Travel!

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Restrictions: Flexible Deposit is Only Available to Organizers Who Book Direct through Grand Leisure Travel website or phone. They are NOT available if you book on Flipkey, Homeaway, Airbnb or other OTA. All Deposits Are Refundable According to our Lease and Terms, but if the Flexible Deposit Policy is Used to Move a Reservation into the future, it is NO LONGER REFUNDABLE. One Move Per Reservation. Final notification of a Flexible Deposit Cannot be less than 3 weeks away from Original Date of Arrival. Other Terms and Restrictions May Apply.