Reasons to visit Poconos cabin resort for Bushkill Falls Hiking Trails

Every once in a while you yearn to get a break from your daily crush of office workloads and stresses of the professional and personal lives of your routine. You often desire to explore the uncharted over a weekend. Pocono Mountain, the most sought after tourist destination in Pennsylvania has many places where you can get a well-deserved break. The Pocono cabin resort is located in a wide range of flora and fauna.

Experience Bushkill Falls Hiking Trails

When springtime comes, we can’t help but get thrilled about getting back outside and hiking in the Mountains. If you’re searching for a new area to explore the next time you visit, why not try a few of the adventurous Bushkill Falls hiking trails? They are some of the favorite locations with amazing waterfalls, views and picturesque scenery that is the main reason why it’s one of the most visited attractions in Pennsylvania.

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Details of Bushkill Falls Hiking

Bushkill Fall is popular as the Niagara of Pennsylvania, and it’s no wonder as many tourists visit the place to add attraction to the place. One of the amazing things about Bushkill Falls is that there is a trail for skilled tracking.

Green Trail - Easy walk

Yellow Trail- hiking views

Blue Trail – moderate difficult

Red Trail – difficult trails for skilled hikers

While you’re at Bushkill Falls, there are other things to enjoy in the parking area, consisting of paddle boat rides, mini-golf, and picnic areas.

Let us help you plan your Getaway

Once you are finished with the complete day adventure on the Bushkill Falls hiking trails, you need a relaxing space to kick off your hiking shoes and put your feet in warm water. At Grand Leisure Travel, we have created many specialty packages here to make sure you have an incredible time. Our Bed, food, and amenities at Pocono cabin resort are ideal for your family, couple or colleague stay. We can arrange to have fresh flowers to make your stay comfortable and romantic.

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