Pet Friendly Pocono Cabins for Rent

Pet Friendly Pocono Cabins for Rent

Pet-Friendly Pocono Cabin Rentals are perfect for family vacations. We have many properties in the Pocono Mountain, ALL of which are pet-friendly.

It’s pretty simple really. We realized a few months ago that people who have pets are generally more tidy and neat than people without.

We want these people to be our guests.

We want people who will take care of our homes as much as they take care of their pets.

Almost everyone has a pet, and it gets difficult to leave the pet to someone else’s responsibility when you plan to take a vacation. So don’t, take Fido with you!

Clover's Travels & Adventures

Clover's Travels & Adventures

A few months ago, my 10 year-old pup, Clover, (commonly referred to as my better half) was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure (CKF). Based on her blood work, our vet was not confident she would make it past 2018.

With our tails between our legs, Clover and I knew we'd have to make some major changes in order to keep her doggin' around for a lot longer than just one year...

In addition to changing her diet & receiving IV fluid treatment, we thought there would be no better medicine than TRAVEL! Clover's a lover of all things, but especially the outdoors. Together, we knew a weekend in the woods would do us some good.

Just a little over an hour from home, Clover and I trekked up to none other than the Pocono Mountains for one of the best weekends of our lives.