Unplug, Detox and Meditate with Uzima Dance School @ Lodge on Moonlight Drive

Guest Spotlight: Tia Sawyer and Uzima Dance School @ Lodge on Moonlight Drive

A few months ago, we had the pleasure to host Tia and her amazing Uzima Dance School. As property hosts it is important to let our guests enjoy themselves uninterrupted, but in this case, Tia was kind enough to share this spiritually rewarding video that she took of her stay in one of our properties.

Tia and her group was a true pleasure to host and we hope to see them back again.

In her own words, “We unplugged our phones and tapped into health, wellness and spirit. We did morning meditation, massages, detoxing steam baths, we had game night and movie night. We secured a famous instructor for some Dance Fitness, and we ended with a catered dinner and spiritual ceremony.” - Tia Sawyer

Thank you Tia for staying with us, hope to see you back again soon!

Uzima Dance School - Wellness Retreat